Detailed itinerary of spiti valley

Detailed itinerary of spiti valley


Have you been seeking for a thorough and well-known itinerary for a vacation to the Spiti Valley? Search without any further; the above essay goes into great depth on everything you need to know.

After Leh – Ladakh, Spiti Valley is one of our greatest trans-Himalayan destinations. In reality, whenever people ask us whether Leh Ladakh is superior to the Spiti Valley, We may not have a response.

DIRECTIONS AND Critical Halts: 

If you really are touring Spiti during a period when the climate permits you to make the entire circle from Shimla to Manali, you can do so by following the directions provided 

Below is a map of the entire traveling route – Delhi (Given that Delhi is the place to start for the journey)


Narkanda  (stay optional)

Kalpa or Rekong Peo (Stay at Kalpa optional)






Kunzum Pass (Kunzum Pass) is a pass





Detours are a type of detour that occurs when a person is

For something like a wider reach of points of significance, consider to follow these simple detours along the route.

To visit Dhankar Monastery as well as Dhankar Lake, go from Sichling to Dhankar (stay at Dhankar is optional)

Explore notable locations such as Komic, Hikkim (for the world’s tallest postal service), Lanza, and Key Monastery near Kaza.


The price of a vacation to Spiti Valley is totally dependent on how well you organize your vacation, when you want to go, how you want to get there, and how comfortable you want to be. Traveling to the Spiti Valley, however, is not like other wonderful excursions. Do not even anticipate opulent hotels, planes, or spectacular landscapes. You will be visiting a high-altitude area featuring fewer amenities than normal. However, based on your means of transportation, your journey can be more relaxing. These factors of trip planning, as well as the typical cost, are described below:

Trips below INR 10,000 are excellent for travellers or anyone with a lot of free time.

If you are just a traveler or searching for a low-cost journey and/or time isn’t an issue, hoofing it and using public transport, hitchhiking, and staying in hostels are all options. A journey like this may be had for as little as INR 10,000.

Always keep in mind that even if you skip a bus or journey during a time of year when buses are scarce, your trip will take longer altogether. Make sure you schedule some spare days. 🙂

Trips below INR 20k are suitable for producing people because they have a certain number of breaks.

There seem to be a number of tour businesses which provide Spiti Valley itinerary excursions for less than INR 20,000. However, make absolutely sure you do your homework and look into the reviews of the travel agency you plan to use. Other people’s reviews, opinions, and recommendations on the vacation company’s Facebook sites seem to be some things to take in consideration. And regardless or not there is enough time somewhere between the events on the agenda for you to adequately investigate the area.

A FEW Essential NOTES

Please be aware, and we cannot emphasize this often enough, that if you are going to Spiti Valley, you must have a tough car with great ground visibility. Between Kaza and Manali, I’ve seen cars like the Innova get trapped on a road section. Quite certainly the poorest traffic conditions people have ever encountered.

Upon these routes, a subcompact should indeed be avoided at all costs.Some people are willing to take a chance.. But we’re only bringing it up now with your own personal security. The likelihood of the hatchback slipping, rolling, or being injured by tumbling stones, for example, is extremely high. If you care about your life enough, contemplate spending a little more for a car rental, and never get a hatchback.

Make absolutely sure you are a Decent driver who could really operate a car on dangerous roads, blind bends, and tight paths amid tumbling rocks, whether you should be driving a vehicle or a motorcycle. The importance of mental awareness cannot be overstated.

From any and all circumstances, attempt to depart your area as early as possible in the mornings so that you may finish the trip throughout daylight hours, when the odds of receiving open roads are significantly greater.

Now that we have covered the basics of driving on the road, let’s move on to some practical considerations. Yes, the streets are horrible. They are really not unattainable, though.

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