Business Owner – Keep Your Employees Healthy and Safe

Business Owner – Keep Your Employees Healthy and Safe

As a business owner, you can never be assured that bad things won’t happen within the workplace. But nurturing workplace safety, regulations and the law are integral to the day to day running of your business, helping prevent and reduce the likelihood of accidents and tragedy. 

In addition to dry riser service and maintenance it is a legal requirement to train your staff therefore it is your duty to find a company that can train your staff on workplace health and safety, a good company will improve the overall competency and skill of your workforce.

There are various Health and Safety courses and training available, you may find that your business could benefit from one or two, or you might feel that several are actually pertinent to your field of work. Courses include: 

• Confined space training

• Working at a height training

• Manual handling training

• NEBOSH training

• IOSH training

• Workplace health and safety training

• First aid training 

• Competent person training.

You must have first-aidarrangements in your workplace (however large or small your business is). The minimum requirements you must meet include: a suitably stocked first-aid box, an appointed person to take control of first-aid arrangements, and information of first-aid plans made available to all employees.

You should be alert to the attitudes and actions of your employees, any disregard of health and safety should be raised and questioned immediately and the appropriate action should be undertaken. Pay close attention to any suspicious behaviour and record it in writing.

Ensure as a business you are always prepared for the unthinkable. These one in a million events have to happen to someone.Finding leaders within your team is a forward thinking move, these individuals will coordinate and lead your team in the event of an emergency. It is imperative every employee should understand what needs to happen should an emergency occur. 

The approach to health and safety that you take should be proportionate to the size and nature of your business. For small, low-risk businesses the steps you must take are reasonably straightforward. But the greater interest you show with regards health and safety, the greater the benefit to your business.

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