Kashmir Itinerary- A Trip to Heaven in 7 days

Kashmir Itinerary- A Trip to Heaven in 7 days


Life gets monotonous sometimes and to boost it up we need a vacation away from all the competitiveness and hustle of every day. It is important as well to give your mind a break and submerge in leisure somewhere outside. India is treasured with such places where one can peacefully spend some time while also gaining some experiences of life to take back home. It seems like Mother Nature has bestowed all her beauty to the land of Kashmir. 

This place is famous for its beautiful panorama of widespread green valleys, snow-capped mountains, majestic forests with a wide variety of rare flora, and fauna. This spot has everything one would want to spend some time in peace. It looks the best when the summer cracks up the frozen lakes revealing the crystal blue waters gushing from the icy mountains and it is as if the trees change colors from orange to green. The blue waters of the lakes and rivers shift their color to shades of orange and red when it is time for sunset. The uncanny resemblance of Heaven comes from the gifts that mother nature has showered on this place. 



Backed by the famous Pir Panjal range in the background, Kashmir exactly resembles the images on postcards. It is exactly what one imagines a picture-perfect landscape to be like. This place is home to numerous streams and lakes originating from the mountains that glisten as the sunshine reflects on them making them look like pieces of diamonds flowing. The beauty of this place is not only for viewing but feeling as the charm of this place speaks for itself.  


The intricately carved houseboats decorated with flowers and delicately painted shikharas let you enjoy the splendid view of the lakes. The scenery fills your mind with peace and tranquility. Also, the houseboats provide an exceptional opportunity to spend an entire night amidst the open sky and the relaxing sound of the waters of the Dal Lake. 


The renowned Gondola cable cars let one experience the vibrant flower plantations of Gulmarg from a height. This will leave you dumbstruck and in awe as to how beautiful Kashmir really is. The view from above will not only showcase the natural beauty but also will show how the locals maintain their lives in the mountains. These cable cars are elevated to a height allowing you to view the streams with snowy mountains behind.  


Another exquisite place to visit in Kashmir is the tulip nursery in Srinagar which is a yard of land planted with various rare and beautiful tulips that will attract the attention of any tourist. This place is famous for shooting movies and is mesmerizing to look at. The color variation is just in sync which enhances the beauty of this place even more in the Spring season and gives you the tase of the most alluring shades of nature. Standing there you will feel exactly like the places shown in fairy tales or movies.


If you are in Kashmir for a short span like 7 days, then here is a list of things that is mandatory for you to experience while your stay—

  1. Hiking and trekking;   

 For undergoing a wholesome taste of the magical mountains of Kashmir, you need to definitely go trekking and hiking. This will allow you to see the interior beauty of nature making yourself a part of that very moment. Hiking in the forests will also fetch you the opportunity to get a sight of the rare animals and birds present there. To add to this hiking will let you know about many unknown paths that are only known to locals out there.

  1. Skiing: 

If you are in Kashmir during the months of December or January, then you absolutely need to give yourself the allowance of enjoying the real fun of the snow by Skiing. Skiing is totally fun there in the season of winter because the ice-covered mountains in Gulmarg with natural slopes from an incredible height give you the perfect amount of adrenaline rush to adventure the thrill.

  1. Spending a night on a houseboat: 

Well if you’re not so much of an adventurer turns out Kashmir will still not be disappointing to you. You can relax and spend a whole night in a houseboat stargazing or seeing the night view of the mountains while the food will be provided from the houseboat. The calming waters and the majestic view of the Kashmiri hills will help you calm down and relax while you forget all your frustrations in life. 

  1. Try authentic food:

 Just like the amazing view of the place, the Kashmiri cuisine is bound to please your taste buds giving you the ultimate happiness in life. The Kashmiri cuisine is said to have been influenced by three different styles of cooking – the Mughals, the Kashmiri pandits, and the Muslims. This ensures the deep tradition in the cooking style, enhancing the taste even more. Kashmiri food is known to be spicy and uses spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves that help the body to stay warm in such temperatures.


Kashmir is a place that is not only endowed with picturesque landscapes but also mouth-watering cuisines that will surely want you to visit back. This place is sure to leave a gap in your heart to fill in wanting to visit again. No matter how much time you spend here, it will always be relaxing for your mental as well as physical health and you will go back with lots of memories and a fresh mind.

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