3 Local Foods You Need to Try in Cincinnati

3 Local Foods You Need to Try in Cincinnati

If you enjoy traveling, you may also love trying the local dishes and cuisine in the areas where you travel. Food is such an important part of a place and the culture of the people who live there. New foods can be super fun to try in a new area, especially if they help you learn about the traditions of the people who live there.

As you continue on your travels, you might find yourself in Cincinnati, Ohio, which has several local foods special to the area and its residents. If you happen to travel to Cincinnati, you will need to try these local favorites. Here are the local foods you need to try in Cincinnati:

Cincinnati-Style Chili

If you have ever seen a food-related show visiting Cincinnati, you probably already know that the local food to try in the city is Cincinnati chili. And while the recipe for the chili itself is unique, the composition of the dish is unique as well.

Greek immigrants introduced this style of chili in Cincinnati that features ground beef with an extremely fine consistency and no beans or onions in the chili. When you order your chili, you can order a “three-way,” which features spaghetti topped with the chili topped with a mountain of cheddar cheese. You can add beans or onions to make it a “four-way,” or both to make it a “five-way.”

You can also get your chili on a small hot dog called a coney. Head to Skyline to sample this dish unique to Cincinnati.


You may have heard of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and perhaps the sweet treat too. With a state mascot of the same name, it is no wonder that buckeyes are a Cincinnati specialty that you have to try. Buckeyes consist of peanut butter fudge formed into a ball and then dipped in dark chocolate leaving the top center exposed.

This confection resembles nuts from the state tree of Ohio: the Buckeye! You can always try something new and make buckeyes of your own, or if you are visiting Cincinnati, stop at Esther Price Fine Chocolates to pick some up to try.

Montgomery Inn Ribs

If you are looking for a specific iconic restaurant in Cincinnati with a famous local favorite to try, head to the Montgomery Inn Boathouse. Once there, you must order the famous ribs to get a taste of an iconic Cincinnati dish that both visiting dignitaries and locals alike flock to.

The sauce for the ribs is also famous, and can be found in local grocery stores or or shipped across the country. The recipe is a secret, so it can only be sampled in Cincinnati or shipped from the source.

If all of these iconic Cincinnati foods have you hungry for more and have you searching for Cincinnati houses for sale so you can move to the home of these iconic foods, you can always make your own attempt at Cincinnati chili or buckeyes with recipes from online, or have your Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce shipped directly to you.

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