Top 7 Trendy Packaging Solutions That You Should Know

Top 7 Trendy Packaging Solutions That You Should Know

Back in the time, the packaging of a product was not considered much important. Companies used to deliver products in loose-fitting, oversized, weak boxes or simple paper wrapping. That made them vulnerable and unsafe from breaking or leaking a precious product. Nowadays, you can buy a product that is made thousands of kilometers away and is safely delivered to your doorstep. 

Companies are now aware of the importance of packaging and looking very closely into this matter. The trend is changing as people consider packaging as crucial as the product itself. That’s the main reason we see people posting unboxing videos of newly arrived products as early as possible. In addition, companies select creative custom-designed boxes for their new launches and search for custom boxes at wholesale rates.

Since creative designs are marketing their related products by themselves, that’s why businesses are looking for extraordinary designs daily. Below we are going to share some box designs pretty active in the market these days. 

1-Corrugated Box

We know that boxes are made of paper and eco-friendly recyclable materials. However, if we start by making thick layers of that paper, this will not help us create a strong box. That will end up being very bulky and expensive, which is the point where corrugated boxes are introduced. These boxes are made of natural wood pulp and recycled boxes and are being created with a minimum of two layers, one of them as straight and the other stick on it with curves. As a result, corrugated boxes are Strong and lightweight. Everyone likes this box for shipment purposes because these boxes can be stacked over one another, absorb little shook’s, and very safe for shipping items.

2- Rigid Box

Rigid boxes are built with 36 to 120 pt thickness cardboards. Having 2-3 mm of thickness makes this box very strong. Therefore, these boxes can be printed very efficiently. Rigid boxes are typically used to pack electronic parts and mobile phones etc. These boxes are built with a cleaner look, and one of the benefits of rigid boxes is that they will not change their shape easily.

There are plenty of types of rigid boxes revolving around in the market.

  • Partial Finished Box

Partially finished boxes are built using a single layer of chip box which means that only the outside of these boxes is adequately finished, but the box inside might be a kraft or some grey chipboard. This one is the fastest way to produce a rigid box.

  • Fully Finished Box

The fully finished rigid box is built using a finishing material and proper glaze applied on both sides of the box inside and outsides; both are cleaner.

3- Folding Cartoons

Folding cartoon is one of the most common types that is being used these days. These boxes consist of corrugated material, but the best thing about these boxes is that they can be unfolded and reassembled at any time to travel easily. In addition, these cartoons work best to securely ship light and expensive items because you can secure and seal them with tape quickly.

4- Slotted Containers

It’s a standard box used widely to pack items for temporary purposes because these boxes are straightforward to open because of their same-sized flaps. Unfortunately, no customization is possible with these boxes; that’s why it is not a good option for marketing purposes but best for quick delivery and temporary transportation.

5- Tuck-Top and Roll-End

Like folding cartoons, these boxes are also straightforward, with the addition that you can re-wrap these boxes in different ways. These packages are less expensive and are used for quick, temporary, and test purpose delivery. 

6- Full Overlap Box

As its name states, this box is fully overlapped to its top. Flaps of these types of packages are of full size and overlap with one another. This overlapping gives this box more rigidness and safety to the products.

Fully overlap boxes are good if you want to transport your premium, well-packed products safely.

7-Custom Packaging

With the enhancement of technology, it is effortless to build designs according to thinking nowadays. Custom packaging allows us to create different configurations of boxes according to our product needs.

Custom boxes are premium-looking, nicely finished boxes that can express the quality of the product enclosed in them.

There are many types of customized boxes readily available in the market.

Few of them are mentioned here.

  • Magnetic Enclosures

These are rigid types of custom boxes and are very convenient to open and close because of a magnet installed in the box’s lid.

These boxes are convenient and reusable and one of the most liked categories of custom boxes.

  • Drawer Style Boxes

These boxes consist of two pieces, one as an enclosure and another one moved like a drawer and main product sitting in that drawer. Most mobile phone companies use this type of boxes.

  • Window Boxes

Products in these boxes can be seen outside of the box because there a window to take a peek inside the box. This type is very convenient if you want to show what’s inside the box. This type of boxing looks very appealing on shelves. In some cases, people love to see what they are buying. So, window boxes are the best enclosures in those cases.

  • Book Style

Rigid boxes can be molded in many ways, and they keep their shapes very accurately. Book-style packaging looks the same as a book is placed on shelves, and you can use a magnet to keep its lid in place.

  • Shoulder Neck

This type of box creates a unique experience to unbox. In this box, usually, there are three layers of packages. One is the bottom, known as shoulder, and then comes a neck of different colors, and then there is a top cover that sits a little above the neck.

This type of box gives a very sophisticated look to the product.

  • Inserts

When you plan to pack a product with some other addons or supporting items, this is the best choice. Inserts Boxing keeps everything in place and gives a tremendous unboxing feel.

Final Words

Stampa Prints work hard to support you in selecting the best fit packaging and bringing a marvelous experience to your loyal customers. They provide custom-designed boxes at wholesale rates that will complete your desires in every aspect and be economical for the pocket. So, visit their website, select any design. You can get a quote about our existing designs or send us a design that you want to have. You will get a great experience of packaging in very little time.

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