Top Tips to Prepare for CBSE Science Board Examination

Top Tips to Prepare for CBSE Science Board Examination


Science is a high-scoring subject. Students require competent assistance and a well-planned preparation approach to perform well on the science exam. The CBSE Class 10 Science syllabus is quite extensive. Some students find it challenging to complete the entire curriculum. Hence, to make examination preparation easier, we’ve put together top tips and strategies to assist students in doing well in CBSE Science Class 10.

Top Tips to Prepare for the CBSE Science Board Examination

  • Comprehend the syllabus

Understanding the syllabus is the first step in preparing for any topic. The science syllabus for the CBSE Class 10 Boards is extensive, and you should be familiar with and comprehend it well. Checking previous year’s papers to understand the main topics for the examination is also necessary.

  • Understand the exam format and scoring pattern

Students should understand the exam structure and marking scheme once they have grasped the subject. By understanding the pattern and marking scheme, you can evaluate the vital topics and design a plan to improve your score.

  • Make a study schedule

Students must design a study plan and be clear about how they will undertake the entire preparation. They should create a timetable and strive to devote enough attention to the core topics. Choose your weak, average and strong topics and dedicate time accordingly.

Subject-Wise Tips for CBSE Science Class 10 Preparation

The following are subject-specific 10th board exam preparation tips for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology:

Top Tips for CBSE Class 10 Physics Preparation

  • The secret to getting excellent grades in physics is practising class 10 science MCQs numerical questions and reviewing concepts comprehensively.
  • There are various problems in physics based on theorems. Students must spend time studying their derivations and applying them to problem-solving scenarios.
  • Understanding the essential principles adequately will help you excel in physics.
  • It is also critical to study from the NCERT books and master all of the topics covered in the syllabus.

Top Tips for CBSE Class 10 Chemistry Preparation

  • Practice balancing the chemical reaction formulas over and over again.
  • Understand the nomenclature of carbon compounds with functional groups, as well as the common name for salts.
  • Do not skip over ‘Saponification and Cleaning Action of Soap,’ as it is a vital chapter for the exam.
  • Keep in mind the first and last elements in the periodic table.
  • Create a list of chemical processes in which one substance is converted to another.
  • Additionally, it is critical to adhere to the NCERT textbooks and study all the topics covered in the latest curriculum. 

Top Tips for CBSE Class 10 Biology Preparation

  • Nearly every chapter in Biology has diagrams that students must practice thoroughly.
  • Make a note of all the key phrases and their purposes.
  • As biology subject is primarily theoretical, be diligent with the important terminology.
  • Understanding the weightage of each chapter is important to doing well on the board test.
  • Finally, it is critical to adhere to the NCERT textbooks, study all the topics covered in the latest curriculum and practice MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science Control and Coordination with Answers and other chapters to test your knowledge.


These top tips to prepare for the CBSE science board examination will help you score well. Keep in mind that science is a conceptual and formula-based subject. The path to scoring more than 90% in science will be uncomplicated if your principles are clear and solid. Also, regular practice and assessment by solving sample papers can benefit you in swift revision.

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