Introducing Dentist 77027: Your One-Stop Shop For Quality Dental Care

If you’re looking for a quality dentist in the 77027 zip code, Dentist 77027 is your one-stop shop for all your dental needs. Whether you need preventative dental care or you’re in need of major dental services, our dentists are here to assist you throughout every step of the process. We offer the following services and more at Dentist 77027


Bad Breath

You probably don’t think about your breath all that often, but people around you do. (Unless you work at Subway—but that’s a story for another day.) There are several causes of bad breath, but whatever its source, there are things you can do to minimize it. The first step is being aware of how often your breath might need some freshening up—and be sure to check in with your dentist if you have any concerns. He or she will know if certain foods or medications could be causing the problem and may suggest techniques like chewing gum or mouthwash that could help mitigate halitosis on a daily basis. Be sure to schedule an appointment with Midtown Dental Associates today by calling (770) 799-6999!



We’re passionate about creating beautiful smiles that last. That’s why we believe in using quality materials like porcelain crowns when it comes to restoring your teeth to their former glory. Porcelain crowns are often a better option than traditional crowns made of gold, because they are more likely to match your tooth color and resist stains and chips over time. When you visit Midtown Dental, you can also choose from all-porcelain, all metal or a combination of both materials—whatever is best for your particular situation.



Not all veneers are created equal. All of our dentist do not simply rush in and slap a veneer on your tooth. They spend time making sure that it is a perfect fit before you even see it or feel it on your teeth. We only use high quality, food grade materials to ensure that your veneer can last as long as possible with proper care. If a bad experience is what lead you to midtown dental, then you need not worry any longer, because we can fix past problems; we believe everyone deserves an amazing smile so our goal is to create healthy beautiful smiles using state of the art technology that no other dentist in 77027 offers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!



If your tooth has become so damaged that there is decay in more than one location, you’ll need to get a filling. This may be a good option if you want to avoid extracting your tooth altogether, but it will likely require more frequent visits to maintain it as well as other procedures. However, even a small crack or chip in your tooth can lead to much bigger problems down the road if you don’t fix it promptly. If your tooth is damaged and left untreated, bacterial infection could damage surrounding tissues and cause much more serious health issues. So it’s always better to get fillings sooner rather than later.


Root Canals

A root canal is a procedure that may be necessary to save a tooth if you have advanced periodontal disease. If left untreated, an infected tooth can lead to an abscess or endocarditis. Some dental problems, such as cracked teeth and certain jaw injuries, are usually better treated with extraction than root canal therapy. However, when oral surgery is not an option because of severe infection or extensive damage to your teeth or gums, root canal therapy may be your best course of action. This procedure allows us to treat diseased areas in your mouth without removing any healthy tissue. A root canal consists of cleaning out the interior of a tooth that has been damaged due to decay, disease or injury.


Mouth Guards

Are you getting ready to head back to school? Start thinking about mouth guards. Whether it’s your first day at a new school or you’re returning after a short break, chances are you’ll be playing some sports. So before you start another season of contact sports, get yourself fitted for a mouth guard. You can find one that fits comfortably—it won’t affect your breathing. And won’t be distracting to wear—and guards protect against. Concussions and help with teeth grinding (both causes of tooth loss). Talk to your dentist about options; once he or she creates a design and molds it. You’ll have something that will last until your next appointment (then it’s time for another one!).

Porcelain Veneers/Teeth Whitening

When you’re looking to brighten your smile, look no further than dentistry in 77027. Porcelain veneers are a great way to have a perfect smile at an affordable price. Our porcelain veneers can be applied over your natural teeth to achieve a dazzling and lasting smile. In addition, we offer teeth whitening if you’re wanting to go that extra step in having your brightest smile possible. As well as our whitening procedures come with a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your results!


Tooth Decay (Cavities)/Infections/Gum Disease Treatment

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental problems we see. As soon as you experience a toothache, bleeding, pain or swelling—call our office right away. We can help prevent damage to your teeth and find out what’s causing your discomfort. More serious cavities will require a root canal treatment. Which involves removing damaged tissue from inside of your tooth and sealing off. That area with a special filling or crowns (caps). At any stage of tooth decay or infection, it’s important to seek treatment right away; by calling us immediately, you’ll get expert care in a timely manner. Find an affordable dentist in 77027 Zip Code today!


Emergency Rooms

The most obvious question to ask if you. Think you’re having a heart attack is whether or not it’s safe to drive yourself to a hospital. If you can’t answer that question confidently, call an ambulance—no matter how remote your ER may be. Most hospitals have some sort of triage system set up, even if it isn’t written down in stone. Emergency room staff are trained to quickly identify who needs more immediate. Attention than others and can prioritize accordingly based on what kind of condition they observe. On top of that, if your health plan requires your ER visit to be billed through them (and many do). They won’t pay if you don’t use an in-network facility and/or provider.


Teeth Grinding/ Night Guards

Most dentists will suggest a night guard for patients who grind their teeth or have other sleeping disorders. These guards come in all shapes and sizes. But they’re primarily used to protect teeth from being damaged by grinding. (or any other nighttime activity that could potentially cause damage). Talk to your dentist if you’re concerned about damaging your teeth while you sleep! Most people find relief with these dental appliances.

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