Downloading Videos From Tiktok: A Step-By-Step Guide

TikTok is the latest social media platform taking over the Internet by storm, but if you want to take full advantage of the videos and content people are creating and sharing on TikTok, you’ll need to be able to download them on your device of choice. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to download video from tiktok with ease so you can watch them when you’re offline or keep your favorites stored in case they’re deleted by their original creator.


The Basics

Before we begin, you’ll need to download a video downloader. There are lots of good options out there, but one of our favorites is Resilio Sync because it’s easy to use and can sync files over a wide range of devices. Once you’ve got an app installed on your phone, open it up and navigate to your accounts screen. Here, you should see all the different services connected to your account. You might have several options listed depending on what apps you use—there’s even an official TikTok account if you want to give that a shot! For most users, though, searching for Tiktok will bring up exactly what we’re looking for.


Start By Opening The App

The first step to downloading videos is obviously opening up your favorite tiktok downloader app, like iVideo or Free Video Downloader. We recommend these two because they’re both completely free and have millions of downloads between them. And, as you might be able to tell by their names, they’re designed for downloading—not streaming—so you know they’ll get good results.


Take A Screenshot

There are many ways to take a screenshot of a video you want to download, but we’ll show you two that work on both mobile and desktop. For both methods, first open up your app or browser and find a video you want to download. Once it’s ready, tap or click your phone’s power button twice, then select Screenshot from the options presented (this method will only work if your phone supports taking screenshots). Alternatively, use keyboard shortcuts to capture a screenshot of a video playing in Safari on macOS or Chrome on Windows. On macOS press Cmd+Shift+4; then click anywhere in Safari’s interface and select Take Screen Shot from any options that appear.


Click Save In Your Browser

Downloading videos off of TikTok is simple. You don’t even need to download a third-party app—although there are plenty out there that can make it easier, faster, and simpler to access all your favorite Tiktok videos offline or share them with friends. The easiest way to download videos off of TikTok is by clicking on them directly in your browser, which will automatically save them on your computer as MP4 files; if you’re using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Vivaldi you’ll be able to watch them right away. To do so, just click and hold down while hovering over a video until it pops up an option asking you what to do with it; then select Save video as… and wait for it to finish downloading!


Open Itunes

There are a few ways to download music and videos from TikTok, but for an effective method, it’s best to start with iTunes. Start by opening iTunes and searching for Tiktok. Click on music in your search results. Scroll down until you see Store Listing, where it will say Latest Songs; Download All. Once you have clicked on that option, all of your downloaded songs will appear in your iTunes library. This method only works for downloading audio files—for downloading videos, there is another option available.

Add The File To An Existing Playlist

When you come across a video on TikTok that you want to download, make sure it’s not already saved in your phone. For example, if you have a playlist called Videos I Love and there is a music video of yours in it—you don’t want to save a duplicate. Make sure you are downloading videos that aren’t already saved somewhere else on your phone. Once you have made sure there isn’t another copy of your video on your phone—look for an option in the app labeled Add File to Playlist. This will allow you to add videos that were downloaded or imported into an existing playlist (such as those for work or your family) so they can be organized by topic.


Save The File As .M4v

The easiest way to download a video is to save it in an easily playable format. To do that, you’ll want to convert your MP4 or WEBM file into an M4V file; that’s what iTunes and QuickTime use, and you can save them as such using our step-by-step guide. Once your downloaded video is saved in M4V format, all you need to do is open up iTunes on your computer and import it into your library. Now, just sync that video onto your device using iTunes (read our guide if you don’t know how) and you’re good to go! You can use iTunes on a Mac or PC; read more about how to download video from tiktok with both here .


Open Vlc Media Player Section

In most cases, a link to a video on TikTok will automatically open in your browser. But you can use VLC Media Player—it’s free—to actually download these videos. First, make sure VLC is installed by checking your Downloads folder for a file. Named vlc-3.0.1-win32.exe or something similar (this will be an application file).

Import The File Into VLC Section

VLC is an open source cross-platform video player that plays a huge number of formats. The app has pretty much all of our bases covered, and it’s a great download for Windows. Mac OS X, Linux, Android or iOS devices. If you don’t have VLC already, go ahead and download it now — then come back to follow along. You’ll see VLC in action below!


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