How To Save Tiktok Videos In 3 Easy Steps!

How to save TikTok videos? Do you have something funny on TikTok, but can’t make it longer than 15 seconds and also don’t want to lose it? Are you wondering how you can save TikTok videos so that you can watch them whenever you want? If yes, then you’re in the right place! In this article, we will tell you how to download TikTok videos in 3 easy steps! We will cover everything from downloading photos and clips to stories too!


1) Download The App Itself

One of your first steps to saving a video is downloading and installing a copy of _____ onto your phone. _____ is available on both Android and iPhone, so you don’t have to go looking for a different version depending on which device you have. Once you’ve installed it, though, be sure to sign up with a valid email address and password—if you don’t do that, you won’t be able to save any videos. It only takes seconds and it’s worth noting that if there are multiple accounts associated with an email address, all of them will need to sign up for their own accounts before they can save videos. Download a third-party app: _____ isn’t your only option when it comes to tiktok save video from within the app itself.

There are also third-party apps out there like ____ and ______ that let you download videos right off of your feed as well as download older content from other users’ feeds (though those apps aren’t always reliable). Both options require in-app purchases, but they’re still cheaper than paying for TikTok Plus (which lets you save unlimited content). If you’re going to pay for something, however, we recommend using ____ since it offers some additional features like automatic downloads and ad blocking that make using TikTok more enjoyable overall.


2) Manually Download Your Videos

TikTok allows you to save a handful of videos, but if you want to save everything, you’ll need to do it manually. Here’s how: If your videos are linked with your Facebook or Instagram account, log in and go to Options > Video Manager. From there you can download a video by clicking Download beneath it. If they aren’t linked with one of those accounts (they still may be though), find your profile picture at the top right of any TikTok page and click on Settings > Account Settings > Video Manager. .

It should have a box that says My Videos under it where you can click on each individual video for an option to download them individually as well. Just remember that every time you make a new video, it will overwrite whatever is currently saved. So make sure to keep track of what videos you already downloaded before making new ones. You also can’t download all your videos at once so don’t expect some sort of bulk-downloading feature here. And again, not all your clips will show up here even if they’re on your phone. Because they’ll only appear when you’ve connected them with either Facebook or Instagram. So take note of which ones are connected to which social media account. And check back periodically until you’ve downloaded everything from both platforms.


3) Use An Alternate App

Saving a YouTube video isn’t too difficult. There are several ways to do it, and there’s even a browser extension. For Google Chrome that will do it for you automatically. However, if you’re looking to save other social media content like GIFs or photos. You need an alternate app that supports such functionality. One of those apps is called Video Downloader For Tik Tok, and we highly recommend it. It can be used on Mac and Windows machines (no mobile support yet) and has all sorts of great features. Not only can you download videos from YouTube but also Facebook, Instagram, and Vine as well! We don’t want to make any promises about how long your downloads will last.

After downloading them, you can use a service like KeepVid to convert. Them into MP4 files so they play nicely with your favorite music player. You could also just upload them directly to Spotify or Apple Music using their desktop apps. But keep in mind that doing so won’t give you much control over how they’re organized. Either way, it’s easy enough!

How To Use KeepVid?: The first thing you’ll need is access to some sort of file-sharing service like Dropbox. Or Google Drive where you can store your downloads after downloading them.

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